It’s all right there in front of you!!!

First OF ALL ALOT of people are saying Scalia died of natural causes without even looking at all the facts. which is exactly what they want you to do. now with a 4–4 court, how many abortions do u think liberals are going to be able to do? Tons. BUT YOU DOn’t even need to know that because of all the evidence like Scalia’s pajamas. Look at them!

ScaliaPajamas (2)

As sufficiently demonstrated, the arrow points to pajamas. These aren’t the actual ones he wore because I wasn’t there to draw them. But if you look at that drawing and you don’t believe me, then you’ll believe anything and ISIS is probably your boss. In conclusion we have to conclude that Judge Scalia died under suspicious circumstances at the very least. OK, but then you also have to look at the pajamas from the side:

ScaliaPajamasSide (1)

Again not the actual pajamas. But this view is even more obvious enough for you to understand what happened. OPEN YOUR EYES!!!! OR MAybe you don’t care that there is no way he died peacefully in his sleep because you work for obama or some gay group and are really happy he was poisoned by a dart or injected with poison. Even when the evidence I drew is right there in front of you, even when you can clearly see the pajamas. If you’re that blind, i really feel sorry for you and also america.